Monday, June 12, 2006

Phone Line Repair and MaxDSL Speed

Last wednesday evening our phone line went dead along with our ADSL service. So the next day we called our provider and asked them to test to line and after a little nagging they got on to BT and had the line tested on Friday, they say there is a fault on the line and an engineer needs to be called. They said an engineer would be out to us on Wednesday of the following week. I was not impressed. Anyway it turns out that a BT engineer appears around lunch time on Sunday and after a while fixes the phone line. After he's left I reconnect the ADSL and find that it isn't working, thankfully he gave us his mobile and so we drop him a call. He says that it will probably need another engineer to look at it tomorrow as nobody who knows about the ADSL stuff is about on a Sunday. Monday morning I get up and discover that the ADSL is working, great. However looking on the router it is syncing at 3584 Kbps/640 Kbps. As I mentioned in previous post I was getting allot more (it settle down to around 5500Kbs/448Kbs), so although I now have working internet access again I have lost 2Mbps in the process. I suspect that there isn't anything I can do about this as the line works fine, just not as well as it used to.

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