Saturday, January 21, 2006

Changing Unit on EKS Scales

We have some EKS Scales at home and they have no instructions and are stuck in imperial measurements. Here are my quick instructions for them.

Resetting Scales

Hold down the on button for 3 seconds and then release. After releasing - - - - should apear on the display (sometimes this doesn't) and the scales will reset to zero.

Changing the Units

Wait for the scales to turn off. Press and hold down the on button, 8 8 8 8 will apear on the display, continue to hold the on button until just the units are displayed (either lb oz or kg g) then release the on button and clicking the on button will move between the different units. Holding the on button down until 8 8 8 8 apears will save the setting. Hopefuly someone else will find this information useful.