Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Skype Disconnections

Recently I'd started having problems with Skype disconnecting several minutes into a call and losing internet access in other applications as well. This initially was only happening with Skype on the iPad so I put it down to bugginess on the iOS version of Skype crashing the router or something on the iPad, however I just had the same disconnection symptoms after about 5 minutes of a video call on my Mac. This time I went to the router's administration page and found that the router (Speedtouch ST780) hadn't recently rebooted but in the event log it said:

Mar 19 22:04:10IDS dos parser : udp flood (1 of 1) : 1018 UDP 65177->45237

Now this tied in exactly with the time of the call dropping so it looks like Skype is triggering the udp flood detection on the router. There isn't a simple way to disable this through the web interface. So you have to telnet to the router and issue the commands:

ids config state=disabled

which disables the intrusion detection system. I'm not too worried about this as the router doesn't have any real services listening on it's WAN IP and I trust all the internal clients. Anyway, hopefully problem solved for now.