Saturday, January 14, 2006

New WebLearn Build

The bug push is now over. The new build of WebLearn went live last Tuesday with a bug fix upgrade on Thursday to fix some minor errors. There are still a few minor bugs in the build which will probably get fix shortly and deployed in the next couple of weeks. Development now starts on the next set of WebLearn features. It looks like I'm going to be working on automatic login to WebLearn. Basically this means that to access public material on the site you won't have to login as a visitor, you will be taken straight to the material you requested. Currently if you link to a page inside WebLearn when a user follows that link they get asked to login before being allowed on to the page, one option is to login anonymously (if they aren't already logged in). This change will change WebLearn to work in a similar way to most other web applications where you can browse the site without logging in and only when you need to do you login. As a side effect of this change all public material in WebLearn will become indexable by search engines and so you will be able to find WebLearn through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. To try and help managers of material we are hoping to make it very clear which resources in WebLearn are publicly accessible but the method for doing this has yet to be decided.