Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sakai vs. Moodle | Zacker.org

Sakai vs. Moodle is a rather one sided look at two VLEs that are in the news at the moment. The problem with the comparison is that they are Apples and Oranges, Moodle was designed from the ground up to be a small VLE developing all its tools internally, Sakai was designed to intergrate existing tools developed in Universities into a campus wide VLE. The task Sakai had in had is an order of magnitude harder from both a technical and management point of view. I don't believe that any small department would seriously look at Sakai as a product, it is too big and complex. But because of the simplicity of Moodle several institutions are looking at/have(?) deploying it on a large scale. Does that make Moodle better?