Friday, February 03, 2006

WebCT Blogs and Bodington

Tama’s eLearning Blog - WebCT and *ahem* “blogs” notes some of the problems with the blog tool in WebCT. What is quite interesting is that as social software and elearning tools crossover they begin to collide. In this case it is that traditionally VLEs have required a login (even if it is a guest login) before a user can participate, but something like a blog is normally completly open so when you put a blog inside a VLE should you require people to login? We here at Oxford are trying to change our VLE (Bodington/WebLearn) so that it no longer requires a login to access public pages this makes it easier to intergrate with other tools as they don't have to have special support for our VLE. Although there isn't a blog tool in Bodington if there was it would be a choice for the owner of the blog as to wether to allow public access to the blog. Bodington likes to put control back to the owner of a resource which for the most part is where it should be.