Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quotas in WebLearn and User Import

Last week I started working on supporting quotas in WebLearn. This involved adding support to BuildingSession to allow the getting and setting of the resource and file quota. So now for any resource you can check and set the quota. I also built some pages to allow users to view the quotas and for sysadmins to set them. Next I need to add support to resource creation so that it always checks there is enough quota before allowing he creation, but this is where it gets a little more messy as there isn't on API for resource creation. I had to stop work on the quotas to start work on the new user import tool as we had the new user import files available. At the moment we get our user details from LDAP but due to a redesign in the data contained in LDAP we need to go direct to the source. The files we get will be processed once a day and any new users created and any new group memberships added. It would be nice if we supported the removal of group memberships this time but I think that will have to wait until the end. So far I have got basic parsing of the users going and need to work on the parsing of the colleges, departments and courses. Then I can start doing user creation and then the mapping of attributes to group memberships.

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