Saturday, May 13, 2006

Trends in VLE/LMS

Using Google Trends you can get an idea about how interested general Google users are in different VLE products. A graph of several popular VLEs shows that while Blackboard leads the race the product that is gaing ground in all of this is Moodle which is just about to overtake WebCT. The sharp dips for all the products are due to everyone stopping work around Christmas and I believe spike each year is just as the new intake of students happens and maybe it is also at that time that people start looking at other products for their own institutions. Interestingly although Sakai has a reasonable ammount of news coverage (Moodle has no news) general users don't seem all that interested in it. Maybe this is due to the type of users/teachers that Moodle attracts compared to the people that are interested in Sakai. Sakai is aimed squarely at large instituinal deployment compared to small departmental systems that Moodle supports well. Despite the annountment that Blackboard and WebCT (12th October 2005) will merge there doesn't seem to be much change to the trends, does this show that the majority of people searching are users of the systems rather than administrators? The VLE that I work (Bodingont) on doesn't really feature at all but maybe it will get better?

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