Sunday, May 28, 2006

Trip to Wales

Had our first proper short holiday away with Wilf last weekend when we went for an extended weekend to Wales (Tenby). It was really just an escape from the South East for us and so we didn't have a bit list of things todo. Just visited castles, beaches and galleries. Took a few photos and bought a print of a painting to brighten up our house. Traveling was fine with Wilf with the main travelling taking about 4 hours and him sleeping through most of it (waking for a feed half way through each time). As with everything else now things take so long, previously we would have crammed 4 outings into a day and now with Wilf we struggle to get 2, but I don't mind one bit. My brother commented "Your becoming old" when I described our holiday to him, but you can't really go windsurfing, climbing and kite flying with a 10 week old baby, I'll just have to wait a few years. Wilf didn't seem to mind being in a different place and I think we prevented him from throwing up on anyone else's furniture.

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