Thursday, July 27, 2006

MaxDSL and Poor Router

Recently we had been getting allot of disconnects on our ADSL line with the router (Safecom SWAMRU-54108) failing to reconnect and requiring a reboot or even being powered off for a short while. After trying to fix it unsuccessfully and with it being out of warranty I decided to get a new router. I opted for a SpeedTouch 780WL from DSL Source which is an ADSL router, wireless access point and voice over IP gateway all in one. They are currently selling it for 75 pounds with free delivery and it arrived the next day. After a very easy configuration it was connecting at 8,157kbs down and 636kbs up and has been rock stable for the past few days. This is much better than the old router which was only managing to sync at about 3,600kbs down. I don't know if my old router had developed a fault recently or was just a bad design. However the old router was very poor in comparison to the new router, it didn't have any polish and things never worked quite as they should.

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