Monday, August 07, 2006

Speedtouch and NAT Loopback

My Speedtouch 780WL has an option called NAT Loopback that allows you to access the external IP address from inside your home network. This is useful because if you run a server inside your network you can use the same IP address (and so hostname) to address the server both at home and when you are outside. To enabled NAT Loopback login to the command line (through telnet) and enter: ip config natloopback=enabled saveall Then it should all work (maybe after a reboot). The only gotcha is that it doesn't seem to loopback ICMP packets so you won't be able to ping the external IP.


Arild said...

Thank you, I had problems accessing my web server from within my network and your post helped me solve the problem :)
- Arild

Gavin said...

Thank you so much! I never comment on blogs but I've been frustrated about this problem for nearly a year... Thank you!
I didn't even know you could telnet into a router lol! Thanks again :D

Krishna Kumar said...

This is a good tip for all BE Broadband users who want servers on their LAN

Carlos said...

Hi!!. I have done the same but I do not work, because I have a static NAT. Any idea to solve my problem? Thank you very much.