Monday, May 21, 2007

Sakai maven 1 & 2 problems

I had a checkout of sakai trunk and had a look at using maven 2 to build and deploy it. After a little experimentation I changed back to maven 1. Then I did an svn update and rebuilt with maven 1 and after deploy I started to see errors at the tomcat startup, after allot of checking I finally realised that I had the maven 1 and maven 2 artifacts deloyed into the same tomcat instance as as they have different versions by default they both existed in parallel, which means I had both sakai-site-api-dev.jar (from maven 1) and sakai-site-api-M2.jar (from maven 2).

Maybe the version of maven 2 artifacts should be dev by default, rather than M2, to match maven 1? What I'm not yet sure of is why you would ever want more than copy of a particular JAR in a classloader, so maybe the version shouldn't be used in the filename when the deployment is made. Although in production it is useful to have the versions for working out what versions of a file you have.

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