Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Upgrading Sakai to 2.4

Ok, I've just upgraded our test sakai instance to the just released 2.4.0. Here are the notes of how I did it, this isn't a recommended pattern:
  • Get source checkout from svn of 2.4.0
  • Set maven.repo.remote in master/build.properties
  • Check build works with maven bld
  • Get patches used on 2.3.1 release
  • Apply patches to login-tool and providers and fix rejections
  • maven cln bld
  • maven sakai:deploy-zip
  • Copy sakai.tar.gz to server
  • Stop existing tomcat and move out of the way
  • Expand a clean tomcat 5.5.23
  • Copy across conf/server.xml
  • Copy across sakai folder from 2.3.1
  • Copy across mysql connector from 2.3.1
  • Upgrade the schema
  • Copy across /portal redirection
  • Start up tomcat
Of course it didn't go this well, and it took just over a couple of hours to get it all working. We need to patch login-tool for WebAuth authentication and the providers to configure the LDAP provider of user account information, but otherwise it is a fairly standard sakai install.

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