Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sakai Portal Handlers

Sakai has a reworked portal in 2.4 called the Charon Skinnable Portal and this portal has the concept of handlers which can be used to handle different requests. Most of this code is in portal/portal-impl. The PortalHandler interface has a useful base class called BasePortalHandler and then some of the usable implementations are:
  • PageHandler - Just displays a page which will load the tool in an iframe without anything else by default. URL: /portal/page/placementId
  • WorksiteHandler - Just displays a site with the list of tools but no inter site navigation, supports supplying a additional page reference. URL: /portal/worksite/siteId
  • GalleryHandler - Display the site as well as the inter site navigation but still no logo or login box, supports supplying an additional page reference. URL: /portal/gallery/siteId
  • SiteHandler - Display a normal Sakai screen with site and inter site navigation, including login/logout links.
All the handlers are setup in SkinnableCharonPortal.init() which calls through to the portal service. The list of handlers if configurable at runtime through the portal service. Just posting this as a note for future reference really.

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