Wednesday, July 18, 2007 and Ubuntu

I need to do some vendor drops with Subversion and the documentation seems to point to as being the best place to start. So I install subversion and subversion-tools onto my Ubuntu system only to find that I don't seem to have a installed. After a little bit of digging it seems that was removed from the Debian package (which the Ubuntu one is based) due to licensing concerns although this isn't very clear as the changelog doesn't explain that this was one of the affected files. So it looks like I need to get myself a copy of the source distribution.


Zach A.T. said...

You can get it from

You just have to change this part:
# Specify the location of the svn command.
my $svn = '@SVN_BINDIR@/svn';

To the actual path of your svn command.

jayshao said...

Note -- I had to patch it to prevent getting 1500 something files have their execution bit set: has a link to the patch I applied.

Thick Sliced said...

Thanks, for the help. It was after seeing your posts on vendor drops Jason that I started looking at it and I applied the patch you suggested. Thanks for the tip Zach on grabbing it from SVN, that's what I ended up doing.

jayshao said...

I saw you tagged a SVK page on -- did it work for you?

dann said...

fyi, I maintain a free alternative called 'svn-load' which has been in Debian for some time, so should be available in Ubuntu.

wgrant said...

svn-load is broken in Ubuntu right now.
I get the following error:

Warning: Unimplemented callback: get_login
TypeError: PyCXX: Error creating object of type N2Py5TupleE from None