Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NoMachine Client in Fullscreen

I have recently discovered the machine that is NoMachine and am using it to connect to my work computer from outside the office. So far it seems to work really well. The only thing is that I like to run it in fullscreen mode and was struggling to find out how to return to my local desktop. Eventually I found this post about NX which provided all the solutions. In summary the options are:
Clicking on the top right pixel
Minimises the NX Client and returns you to your client desktop.
Same as above
Brings up a popup asking if I want to terminate the session or just disconnect from it.
Now if only they had a client of Mac OSX which supported fullscreen mode.


John said...


You can find a full range of our keyboard shortcuts here in our KnowledgeBase:

I, myself, have not tested the Mac OSX client but are you finding that fullscreen mode does not work when specified in the NX Client setup?



Thick Sliced said...

Thanks for the link, I searched the KnownledgeBase for "fullscreen" but didn't get back anything useful.

alang said...

The trick is to go into full-screen mode in Mac X11.

Alan Liu said...

Even with Mac X11 in full-screen mode, the NoMachine Mac Client does NOT implement full-screen. All it does is a window maximized to take up the full screen--but the window's own frame (title bar) is still there.

Alan Liu said...

I take it back. It does not START in full-screen mode, but CTRL-ALT-F does the trick nicely. Awesome.

Michael said...

Thanks for Ctrl-Alt-F hint!

Jon said...

Finally full screen on my mac. Thanks for the tip. However, to get to full screen, I had to use CTRL+ALT+CMD+F

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem in NoMachine in Windows. And the short-cut does not work. Any other suggestions?