Sunday, April 24, 2005

LAMS and Open Source

I found out from a Auricle post that LAMS has finally been release as open source software. Now it's good that people are adopting open source software, but it seems that LAMS at the moment doesn't have open development model. They have release (under the GPL) version 1.0 of LAMS but this is no longer being developed and they are now working on version 1.1 which is a change in architecture (significant rewrite). They are releasing documents about 1.1 but is seems that the development process is still very closed to outsiders (no public mailing list/forum/bug tracker). This will probably come shortly, I am just used to seeing projects on sourceforge where you can get a feel for a project by glancing through the mailing list archives and looking at bug reports. But they do have a nice simple clean website (where is the RSS news feed?) which is missing from another piece of open source software that shall remain nameless.