Tuesday, April 12, 2005

No digital TV yet

I'd been looking forward to getting digital TV in our new house but when I came to check reception I found that we were not able to get Freeview. Now I can understand this (we are at the bottom of quite a steep valley). I was hopeful that the transmitter that our ariel is currently pointed at was going to be upgrade in the near future. However I was unable to find any plans on the web about the schedule of tranmitter upgrades (Freeview sites didn't help). I finally found that the government had prouced a Guide to Digital TV which outlined that basically if you can't get digital TV now you will have to wait until the analogue tranmission gets turned off!! Now looking on the digital TV website the Carlton ITV region won't have it's analogue trasmissions switched off until 2011. Only 6 years to wait, will you people get your arse in gear. And no I don't want to pay Sky/NTL/etc a subscription.