Monday, June 19, 2006

Uploaded File Quotas

The implementation of uploaded file quotas is progressing reasonably well in WebLearn. They are now at a state where they seem to work reasonably well and I think the locking should prevent errors occurring when two people are uploading files at the same time. Implementing quotas on uploaded files was reasonably easy as there is one API through which all uploaded files are created/deleted. Next I have to implement quotas for resources which will be much harder as at the moment there isn't a standard API for creating resources although ResourceTree is a starting point. The user importer is now in a reasonable state for next years students and I am just waiting for there to be a larger dataset and then will finish off the testing/debugging. Hopefully there shouldn't be too many bugs in it as most of the logic for group creation was taken from a previous imported and that was working reasonably well.

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