Monday, June 05, 2006

User Import and Bodington Developers Meeting

The user import code is coming along, last week I added parsing of colleges, courses and departments and some tests against small bits of data. The status handling has also been sorted out so rather than working with strings they are converted to an enumeration. Most of last week was taken up by a Bodington developers meeting in Leeds. The meeting went over two days with the first day being for discussion of short term Bodington developments and the second day for the longer term Bodington vision. Out of the first day we decided to release Bodington 2.8 shortly, most of the code is already in CVS for Bodington 2.8 so once a few extras have been added and some tested has been performed 2.8 should go out the door. Other things discussed included a catchup on what developments have been happening at the various sites that run Bodington and the JISC projects that are using it. The second day we discussed longer term direction including Portals, SOA, SOAP, REST. At the end of the day I just want to build a better product.

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