Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pooling in Sakai LDAP

Here at Oxford we connect to a LDAP server to get details about users for our Sakai service. Previously we had reports of some pages taking a long time to load when lots of users details where requested from the LDAP. One obvious change we could make was to switch to use pooling on our connections to the LDAP server. To check that this was improving the performance I wrote a little test case which attempts to get details about 100 users individually from the LDAP.
  • Without pooling - 100 users in 10 sec = 10 users/sec.
  • With pooling - 100 users in 5 secs = 20 users/sec.
This is a nice doubling of performance, although I was still expecting to see better performance generally and while the test is running the local load on the machine isn't very high so I suspect any further performance improvements will have to come on the server.

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